Pillars of the Earth are not The Solution


I have not read The Pillars Of The Earth, nor ever hope to read one.  Yet I can tell you from my hearth the cathedrals were built by freemasons.

When many of the cathedrals were damaged during wwi, subterranean altars were exposed, beneath the sanctuaries.  These were satanic altars used for blood sacrifices. 


Now you know what kind of folk put gargoyles and other horrors on churches, and caused the windows to be shaped like yonis.

Is The Pillars Of The Earth going to reveal this side of the cathedrals to us?  I doubt it.  I would guess that he works for the masons anyhow, may even be a mason himself.  Please comment if you know about this.

Templars/masons – name changes covering the same traditions since Nimrod —  were also the architects of the old world order, which “…passeth, giving way to the new”.

Here is a video of the history of William the Conqueror, who built many, many churches for the benefit of rome.

You can watch this video on YouTube at YouTube Music Videos Best Techno Music William the Conqueror Listen to Free Music Online Top Songs.

What’s the alternative to their old order and to their counterfeit “new world order”?  

How to spend my time constructively I have decided to volunteer in service to the Alternative Nation at


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