The Real Alternative – If you want to know how to be popular in high school, then do not try to learn a thing or two from Chris Ivery.  This guy is a regular mystery man.  I can’t find out anything about him on the internet, like what songs did he produce, his birthday, where did he come from, nothing.

 Yet he managed to land one of the most desirable (for his age group) blue-eyed celebrities as his wife.  So much for the dating-value of “popularity”.  Being a mystery man is the exact opposite of being popular.

 How to be popular in high school might not be the right question, because you need to know “who is your audience”, what are they going to demand of you in exchange for making you a celebrity?

Tru Keesey is the alternative government.  Whatever age you are, you are eventually going to be reading “My Adventures” by Tru Keesey.  That is why you should get it now, while the holiday special price is available, and while he is still offering to GIVE YOU HIS AUTOGRAPH.

 Go here now to find out more about it:

 Even better than having general popularity is being a part of the +“in group”.  When you are part of an “in group” that helps each other get ahead in life, you have it made.  By far, the most potent in-group developing in today’s world is the Alternative Nation.

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