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You have succeeded in becoming alarmed by the information given to you by:

Eric Jon Phelps

James Arrabito


Greg Szymanski

“father” Alberto Rivera (when you get to there, either do a “ctrl F” search for “rivera”, or else scroll down til you see a video screen with James Arrabito interviewin Alberto Rivera)

ex illuminati Leo Zagami

John Todd

and others …about the jesuit order, peter hans kolvenbach, ratzinger the pope, reptilians, the new world order, satanists, witches, occult, and mind control.  Now you want to know what we can do about it.

Offer your help to the alternative government:

/  Tell Tru how you want things to be.



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  1. 1

    Angela said,

    Interesting isn’t it? Well, who started all these internet stuff and let people have a go at it, and at the same time a team of trained people write in disinformation on a massive scale for chicken feed on the masses, then monitor web searches, forum, emails, correspondence etc. how long can this thing go? Since many people are now on a wild hunt for a something they don’t even know, and through disinformation the masses are made to have “opinions”???? No, no, no… this is mass indoctrination through mass disinformation. There are many spooks out there, the fronts for something else bigger at the back. The masses are taken for a ride and develop the wrong ideas and opinions.

    This is it man, what a funny world with funny people, they have nothing to do. They waste time on stupid things all their life, and they die without knowing the truth.



  2. 2

    raoulthemagnificent said,

    Thanks to God we have a solution


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