Survival Lists: Celebrate Saint Alaric’s Day!


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Saint Alaric‘s day, June 12, is a time, each year, when we contemplate the differences between our approach, as against the freemason/templars’ approach, to the subject of survival alignment.

Read on, to see what these differences are!

There is no reason why Saint Alaric’s day should be only a White Nationalist holiday.

Every soul on “A New Earth” benefited from Alaric’s good deeds, and, so, every soul on Earth should be thinkin about how to plan a party for June 12. This year it will be a Friday.

For those of you who don’t know already, Saint Alaric was the most famous Visigoth king.  Every year his contribution to the welfare, of us, who came after him, is celebrated with great joy and gratitude to Almighty God!

There may have been some, even lately, who considered the templars to be the models of manliness. Not so, they were low lives, and their despicable cult was transformed into our modern day foe, the freemasons.

Their means of survival should not be added to our survival lists.

No, it was the Visigoth who was the true emblem of manliness for our folk!

Here is a difference that we ought to admire in the Visigoth:  We, the Visigoths, were against rome, while the templars and freemasons, in the net, when you tally their effect over the hundreds of years, were for rome and against us.

The real alternative to the vatican was clear in Alaric’s day. He had the anser that worked for him and for our folks of that time.

But now it’s a different time.  The Goths were of the House of Israel, who had been disowned by the God

of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

Paul said that our power, to destroy fortresses, is spiritual now, not physical.  And the Bible says, in sum, that to follow IT will brin the lost house of Israel back to the guardianship of our Lord.

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