The Right Complete Problem Solution

Hail Friends,

I wanted to write a post, about the right complete problem solution.   So, I thought, I’ll search online, for a controversy, and I’ll “chime in” to the discussion.

What I found, when I did a search “the right complete problem solution”, a lot of math and tech articles — pass, pass, pass — then finally a comment, in response to an article, about a controversial response to a statement, by Glenn Beck.

There was so much confusion, and so much delusion, in the assumptions, that I was dismayed.  No rational comment, that I could make, would fit in to the fantasy world created by the mass media.

Beck spoke of  “Islamic terrorists”.  The WTC 9-11 event was initiated by Rome, and carried out by various clubs and societies under Rome’s direction, not includin any Islamic elements whatsoever.

Typically, any so-called act of Islamic terrorism has been either incited by masonry (Arafat a high degree mason), under chain of command emanated from the jesuits…

…or else has been staged by Mossad, CIA, or other non-Islamic group, also under chain of command from the jesuits.  For instance, the video, of the beheaded folks, done by folks concealin their faces — CIA pretendin to be Muslims.

Then, in response to Beck, CNN anchor Fareed Zakaria muttered some juice about Americans havin to submit to strictures.  Hah!

To be in those positions, one must be a member of some luciferian society or other.  Beck is a Mormon.  The temple mormons worshipped lucifer, so the inner circles of all groups, such as masons, jesuits, popes, and cardinals.

They put only higher level members in high profile political or media positions, and only after they have somethin “on them” to use for blackmail.

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