Leo Zagami, Intel For Survivalist Preppers

by Steve Quizodlibumpbumpbump

[note: after bein tortured, Leo has been forced to discontinue his efforts at disclosure, which he was able to do for 2 years before bein stopped.  His first 2 years of public disclosure are exceedinly valuable intel, for prepper survivalists, after that time, his public statements are drivel.]

Leo Zagami is a Sicilian nobleman, who grew up amon the hidden wirepullers of the behind-the scenes world-politics.

He is related to the queen of England, and is passionate in defense of her reputation.

He has found himself to be predisposed to supportin the earlier traditions of freemasonry.  He is inclined to do thins politically, and to organize and to lead folks.

His greatest contribution, to date, has been to supply copious details that help to shape one’s conception of how history has really been, and to help our thinkin, as we put together our survivalist gear http://familysurvivors.com/.

He has done it in such a manner as to enable a grasp of the situation, so that folks, who look for a solution in the Bible, can more confidentily validate the Bible’s recommendations.

We, children of Israel, are “in his debt” for havin forestalled the intended collapsin of USA economy and sudden disruption of the political process in the fall of 2008.  This he did by educatin high level freemasons, of the USA, about jesuit intentions of usin their shills in USA to harm the nation.

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